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Line choice is a very personal thing. Like most people, once I have found a line that I like I tend to stick with it. One nylon that has really impressed me over the last year is Browning’s Black Magic Gold. I have been using this line for my shock leaders when feeder fishing (as I normally use Cenex Feeder Braid as my main line). 

Black Magic Gold has proven to be very reliable, with great abrasion resistance and knot strength. It is not the thinnest line available, but I am more than happy to compromise on diameter in return for its reliability. 

For such a tough line it is also very well behaved, sitting very nicely on the reel and having low memory. It also sinks well, which is useful when using it as a shock leader in combination with a fine braided main line. The dark brown colour is also really nice and blends in well with the bottom.

The 8lb / 0.21mm line is my choice as a shock leader when combined with the 0.10mm Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid, with four turns on the reel enough to give me some cushioning on the cast. 

A really nice line and a great price too. 

Tight lines! 

Tom Noton

This is a really tough line, ideal for feeder or heavier float work.

I use this line for making up shock leaders on my feeder rods.