Originally Published in English.

Big gravel pits are daunting venues but follow the wind, especially when targeting carp and bream and if you can fish a feeder accurately at distance then you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Constantly casting all day requires strong robust tackle, yet the rig used needs to be refined enough to get the bites, it also needs to be as tangle free as possible. 

John Pantry is no stranger to this type of fishing and has caught some massive bags of bream, as well as the occasional rogue specimen carp and won many a match on such a venue, so who better to ask about the rig needed to tackle these vast windswept lakes. 


John Pantry

  1. Thread a Xitan Supper Stopper onto the main line.

2. Next onto the main line is a Feeder Connector Swivel followed by another Stopper.

3. Pull all these together and position up the mainline.

4. Place a Snap Link Swivel onto the main line.

5. Trapping the Link Swivel within, create a four-inch loop on the mainline by tying a figure of eight overhand knot remembering to moisten and tighten down carefully.

6. Pull the Stoppers and Connector Swivel down against the knot.

7. Remove a hook length from the retaining spool.

8. Place the hook length loop onto the Feeder Connector Swivel.

9. Pull down the retaining sleeve on the Connector Swivel to secure.

10. Attach a Big Pit Feeder to the Snap Link Swivel.

11. The finished rig should look like this, great for bream and skimmers when using worm and maggots, just remember to reduce the hook length if deep hooking. 


Sphere 12’ Medium Feeder Rod

Black Viper Compact 845 Reel

Cenex 0.22mm Low Stretch

50g Big Pit Large Feeder

Sphere size 14 Ultra Strong Hook To Nylon

Feeder Connector Swivel 

Rig Stoppers