Originally Published in Polish.

When I was asked to write about my favourite feeder rod I knew there could be only one choice – the Sphere Braid Special. Not only are the Sphere rods in my opinion the best in the World, but the Braid version is something really special. 

Why braid?

After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series. Apart from exceptional situations (fishing in a river with a fast current or long distance fishing in large reservoirs) the Sphere Braid Special allows me to comfortably catch both roach at a distance of 20m and larger fish at distances of 50m and beyond.

In addition, the Braid Special is a rod with amazing blank dynamics. The use of different modulus carbons in individual sections creates a fast tip action, which under load turns into a full parabolic action. The lower carbon modulus in the middle and tip parts means that the rod not only perfectly absorbs the lunges of a big fish, but also loads beautifully during the cast. Making fishing with this rod a pure pleasure.

The entire Sphere rod series is equipped with high-quality components.

The well-thought-out ergonomic handle is made of hard Japanese foam, a detail very important for anglers who fish with groundbait. Hard foam is less absorbant and hygroscopic, and it is much easier to wash, helping to keep the handle in top condition for minimal effort. The ergonomic handle also transmits so much feel through the blank back to the angler, making playing much easier as you can feel every twist and turn of the fish.

The handle is complemented by a comfortable Fuji TVS TS grip that fits the hand perfectly.

Extremely light Pacific Bay Minima Tech guides do not adversely affect the dynamics of the blank. The rod loads very deeply, which helps when making long casts, but thanks to the quality of the blank it responds very quickly. A set of four carbon tips complements the rest of the rod. Tips ranging from 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz allow you to perfectly adapt to the conditions on the day. Swapping to the lighter tips means even the most delicate bites can be spotted easily. 

Some technical information.

The Braid Special was created for fishing with braided lines, thanks to which its upper part is softer than in other rods in this series to help cushion the cast and strike when fishing with zero-stretch lines.

Length 3.60m

Feeder weight up to 50 grams

Three piece design

Transport length 129cm

The rod is equipped with 4 carbon tips in 0.50oz, 0.75oz, 1.00oz, 1.5oz 

Weight of the rod 145 gr.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a rod that will stay with you forever, I recommend the Browning Sphere Braid Special.


Piotra Mołdocha

"After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series."