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Have you ever found that when fishing tight to an island, quite often when retrieving the rig you find the hook and bait covered in foliage? It’s an annoying situation and one that will certainly cost you fish, however what I have found and had great success with when fishing for big carp and F1’s is to put a couple of shot onto the hook length then placing a buoyant hookbait in the band as opposed to a sinking one. This will pop the bait up just above the foliage and right in sight of any feeding fish.  

Marginal test

Make sure that you test the bait in the margin before giving it a go, making sure the shot is enough to act as an anchor and try moving the shot about as you will find this can make a massive difference. By using a Feeder Connector Swivel it’s easy to change hook lengths so you can switch between a standard sinking bait and this rig to see what works best on the day.

Tackle needed

The tackle I use when using this rig is the brilliant 10ft Sphere Bomb +10% Rod teamed up with the Sphere MgTi 920 Reel loaded with either 0.20mm or 0.22mm Cenex Method Mono. The rig itself comprises of a Pellet Feeder, usually a large 3.5cm one weighing 30g with a hook length made from Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono down to a size 16 Sphere Beast hook tied knotless Knot style with a small Super Stretch Pellet Band attached. 

Give it a go, it solved my problems.

Craig Edmunds

Cenex Method Mono for my main line and Cenex Hybrid Power for the hooklength.

Sphere Beast hooks are brilliant for all sorts of carp fishing.

"A pop-up will keep the hook away from any debris."

Browning Pellet Feeders are perfect for introducing a small mouthful of bait in the spring.

The Sphere MgTi reels are silky smooth and strong, perfect for Method and Pellet Feeder fishing.

Craig’s Tackle

10’ Sphere Bomb +10% Rod

Sphere MgTi 920 Reel

Cenex 0.20mm Method Mono

Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono

Size 16 Sphere Beast Hook

30g Pellet Feeder

Feeder Connector Swivel

Super Stretch Pellet Band 

Craig’s Bait

Bright Buoyant Dumbell Pellet 

Improve your carp fishing with a pop-up.