Cenex Power Mono

One essential item of tackle I wouldn’t be without is Browning Cenex Classic Mono. It’s definitely the best line I have used for both silver fish and carp pole rigs and hook lengths. 

It is exceptionally smooth, soft and supple which I consider to be very important, especially for hook lengths. I have found the diameter stated on the spool is far more accurate than the majority of lines on the market and it’s very strong considering how soft and supple it is which is a massive advantage.

Cenex Classic Mono is available in the following diameters, 0.06mm (0.45kg/1.00lb) to 0.16mm (2.60kg/5.70lb), if I need to go thicker than 0.16mm then I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono which is stiffer than the Classic Mono but still very strong and abrasion resistant.

Pete Steward

This is a line that you can really rely on.

"The diameter is very accurate."