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The Browning range of cage feeders is second to none, with designs to cover just about every situation. One of my favourites is the Big Pit Std Feeder. This is a nice compact design with a very strong plastic cage that does not crack or break like some designs. The leads are also very securely fixed to the feeder and are flush to the frame, so there is no chance of the line catching. 

The Big Pit Std size is ideal for feeding a pinch of feed capped off with a small amount of groundbait at each end. ‘Bite size’ is a good way of describing the amount of bait. This makes them ideal for roach and skimmer fishing, where I will be casting regularly, and want to introduce just enough feed to concentrate the fish and keep them interested. 

The inside of the moulded frame has small ridges that hold the bait securely, ensuring it stays in the feeder on the cast. 

Another feature that I like are the moulded stems that contain a quality swivel. This is a really tangle-free design that suits a wide range of feeder rigs. Normally, I fish these feeders on a short boom, but they work equally well fished on a twisted loop, or as a paternoster. 

A really useful feeder that is ideal for still and slow-flowing venues where roach and skimmers are the target species. 

Length 30mm

Diameter 25mm

Weights – 20g, 25g, 30g, 40g, 50g

Chris Greensides (Browning Team Ossett)

These feeders are just the right size for most of my silverfish feeder work.

Load them with a mixture of Black Roach and Quick Skimmer.

These feeders cast really well and have proven to be very strong.

"A brilliant feeder for the majority of my winter fishing"