An inline method feeder is a deadly rig when the fish in your swim are up for a munch, but what do you do to tempt a bite when they are in a lethargic mood and unwilling to get their heads down?

In winter this can often be what we are faced with and although you may have selected your swim carefully or pulled the hot peg out of the bag, simply tempting a bite or two could see you having a good day or framing. 

This is when you need to rely on a carp’s curiosity and popping a bait up such as a couple of bread discs, right in their faces, can often get the tip pulling round. 


Tim Bruce

  1. Slide a Super Stopper (float stop) onto the mainline (only if safe semi-fixed rigs are allowed). 

2. Then thread the in-line lead on. 

3. Break apart a Connector Swivel, thread the buffer end onto the mainline followed by the connector end.

4. Secure the Connector Swivel using a Grinner knot, remembering to moisten before tightening and then slowly pulling down.

5. With the lead resting against the Connector Bead unclip the Connector Bead.

6. Attach the hook length to the Connector Bead.

"A great presentation when the carp are mid-water"

7. Make sure the hook length is securely mounted within and clip together the Connector Bead.

8. To secure the bread discs, insert a Push Stop Needle into the Push Stop and push through the 8mm punched bread discs.

9. The finished rig should look like this. The Super Stopper (float stop) is positioned an inch away from the lead when its resting against the Connector Swivel and creates a safe, semi-fixed Bolt Rig.


6lb Black Magic Gold Mono

Feeder Leader size 14 Method Push Stop Hook Length

Connector Bead

1.1oz in-line lead.

Super Stopper