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When targeting silverfish, particularly dace, on the river Trent I need a groundbait that is sticky enough to hold well in a cage feeder, but which is quickly washed out once the feeder comes to rest on the bottom. What I don’t want is a mix that comes out of the feeder on the drop, as this will be quickly washed downstream, taking the fish with it. I also want a mix that allows me to pack as much feed, mostly maggots, chopped worm, and caster, into the feeder with just the minimum of groundbait plugging the ends. Fortunately, a combination of two of the excellent Browning groundbaits suits this job perfectly. 

I use an equal combination of Champion’s Choice Black Magic and Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer. The Black Magic is a really dark, classic-style silverfish groundbait that blends in really well with the bottom and has a pungent spicy aroma. In contrast the Quick Skimmer has a fine texture and a sweet aroma that the fish really like. The combination of the two produces a mix that  has a firm consistency, ideal for plugging a cage feeder. 

Here is how I go about mixing this groundbait. 

Tom Noton

  1. Use a combination of one bag of Black Magic and one bag of Quick Skimmer. 

2. Put the groundbaits in a large groundbait bowl and mix the two together really well. 

3. Slowly add river water to the groundbait mix. Take it steady, as you can always add more liquid, but you can’t take it out.

4. Ideally, use a whisk attached to an electric drill to really mix the groundbait well and break up any lumps. If you don’t have a whisk use your hands, and mix it really well. 

5. Once the groundbait has started to bind together and has been really well mixed run it through a maggot riddle to remove any later lumps.

6. Discard any lumps that are trapped by the riddle – These will be wetter bits of groundbait that can make the mix too soggy.

"Use equal amounts of Quick Skimmer & Black Magic."

7. Leave the groundbait to stand for at least ten minutes, It may well need a little extra water added as the mix absorbs the liquid. 

8. The finished mix should have a fluffy texture, but bind when compressed.

9. Fill the centre of the feeder with a mixture of maggots, chopped worm and caster. 

10. Plug the ends of the Xenos Wire Specialist cage feeder with a little groundbait. I wrap electrical tape around the wire mesh to ensure the bait isn’t released until the feeder is resting on the river bed. 

The feeder can be brilliant when the fish are beyond float range, or the conditions make float control difficult.