Originally Published in English.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst the last thing an angler needs is not to have adequate clothing to keep them dry and warm. Ever since wearing the Xi Dry WR 10 Bib ‘n Brace I have to say that I’m ready for anything the weather can throw at me but better still is that I can still fish effectively without being restricted. 

This Bib ‘n Brace fits perfectly, is completely waterproof, lightweight and the breathable material allows me to keep casting and working the swim without sweating, something that would inevitably result in getting cold through the cooler months. The zipped pockets are completely waterproof, great for my mobile phone and car keys and the padded knees protect me when kneeling down. Other great features are the Velcro’s adjustable fasteners around the legs,  poppers that protect the main front zip and the easy to adjust over the shoulder straps. 

Well tailored, well thought out and everything an active angler requires.

Available in three sizes XL, XXL, XXXL and just part of a fantastic range of Xi-Dry clothing that won’t let you down.

Paul Hyde

Waterproof quality zips all-round.

Hardwearing protective knee pads. 

Popper at the front protects the main zip. 

Easy to adjust and non-slip over the shoulder and rear straps.  

Smart, understated, embroidery.

Completely protected, comfortable and unrestricted to fish effectively.  

"Keeps me warm and dry right through the winter"