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This is the rig that Tom Noton of Browning Hot Rods uses to such great effect of on big rivers, such as the Trent, Wye and Severn. It works best on rivers with a reasonable depth and flow for dace, roach and perch, although don’t be surprised if the odd chub or even barbel puts in an appearance. Load the feeder with a mixture of Champion’s Choice Black Magic and Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer, with chopped worm, caster, hemp and maggot feed. Try fishing maggot or caster on the hook.

Tom Noton

1. Thread the Rig Stops and Clip Swivel onto a 6m length of the Black Magic Shock Leader with two stops below the swivel.

2. Thread the Feeder Connector Swivel onto the end of the shock leader below the Rig Stops.

3. Create a 10cm twisted boom with the Feeder Connector Swivel trapped at the bottom.

4. Use a medium-sized Wire Specialist Feeder with enough weight to just hold bottom. Wrap tape around the feeder to make sure the feed is not released until the feeder has settled on the river bed.

5. Cut off a 120cm length of 0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Power line to make up the hooklength.

6. Tie the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite hook to the end of the end of the hooklength using a spade-end hook knot.

7. Tie a small loop in the other end of of the hooklength, this allows the hooklength to be changed instantly.

8. Attach the hooklength loop to the Feeder Connector Swivel.

9. Connect the feeder using the Clip Swivel. You can adjust the total distance between the feeder and the hook by moving the Rig Stops. 

10. Attach the shockleader to the main line braid using a double four-turn grinner knot. 

"A brilliant feeder rig for silvers on large rivers."


Xenos Wire Specialist Feeder

0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Mono

8lb Black Magic Line for shockleader

Size 12 Sphere Ultra Lite Feeder Hook

Feeder Connector Swivel

Quick Change Feeder Link