Originally Published in English.

An innovative feeder design that allows angler’s to drip feed maggots into their swim or if needed instantly deliver a big pay load of bait within their swim accurately and at distance. 

The two way design allows the feeder to be filled with maggots through the window before turning the sleeve to create a maggot feeder, great for buying a few bites in winter. They are also fantastic when fishing a venue full of hungry fish, such as skimmers or bream, as the feeder can be loaded up with bait, such as chopped worm and casters, through the window before a plug of groundbait is smeared over the top giving a rapid deliverance of bait.   

Great for casting long distances or into a head wind due to the end weight design, are green in colour so blend in well to a lake’s surroundings and come in three lengths 4.4cm, 5.3cm and 5.8cm ranging from 20g to 50gram.

Colin Sheppard 

Introduce your choice of feed.

A sliver of groundbait contains the main feed.

Ready to cast for a quick release.  

"Great for casting long distances."

Twist the sleeve to change from a window feeder to a maggot feeder.

The maggot feeder, great in winter when bites are hard to come by.

A nice carp caught on the feeder loaded with maggots.