The Method feeder is a brilliant way of catching carp, F1’s and bream all year round. Simple to tie, tangle-free and deadly accurate, this is a set-up that you definitely need in your armoury.

Many commercial fisheries insist that all Method feeder rigs should be free-running, so that if a rig should be lost there is little chance of a fish being left towing a feeder around. Although it might appear that a running Method will create less of a bolt-effect, in practice it works really well and is just as effective as a semi-fixed feeder.

One thing to bear in mind is to use strong hooks and lines when Method feeder fishing. Not only are you likely to encounter some big fish, but constant recasting with loaded feeders can be quite a strain on the main line in particular. Bites are also often very savage, and once again, this will soon reveal any weaknesses in your rigs.

  1. Thread the Hydrus Method feeder onto the main line.

2. Tie a Quick Change Bead to the end of the main line using a figure-of-eight knot.

3. Tie a small over-hand loop in the end of a 25cm length of the Hybrid Mono hooklength line.

4. Tie on a size 12 Sphere Beast eyed barbless hook using a 12-turn knotless knot.

5. Tie a small figure-of-eight loop knot in the end of the hooklength, which should be around 12-15cm in length. Attach it to the Connector Bead.

6. The finished rig should look like this. You can use a small wafter, boilie, pellet or punched meat on the hair as a hookbait. Load the feeder with Method groundbait or soft pellets.

"The running Method is a very effective rig for commercial fisheries."


0.20mm Method Mono main line

0.16mm Hybrid Power Hooklength line.

Size 12 Sphere Beast Barbless Eyed Hook

30gram Hydrus Method Feeder

Medium Connector Bead

Hair Stops