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If there’s one small item of terminal tackle that has made a significant difference in my fishing it has to be the introduction of these Connector Beads as they have replaced the need for swivels and beads in many areas of my fishing. The rounded part, that is threaded on to the mainline replaces the need for a bead, acting as a buffer for running leads and feeders and the connector end of the bead, that pushes into this and is attached to the mainline safely secures the hook length. 

What’s brilliant about this bead is it allows me to swap a hook length in seconds, saving time and allows me to ring the changes instantly to find out exactly how the fish want the bait being presented. Previous Connector Beads I’ve used have been made of hard plastic and were really difficult to pull apart but these are made from a much softer material which can be easily pulled apart.

They are available in two sizes, medium and large, green in colour, extremely reliable and come in packs of ten.

Michael Colsino

Often it’s the small things that make a huge difference. 

Replaces the need for swivels and beads.  

Easy to pull apart and totally reliable. 

"These connectors have proven to be extremely reliable."